Bisham Abbey

The Client:

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre


Bisham, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Product Category:

Projects and Public Sector - Policing, Education & Local Authorities

Headline Savings:

Annual energy savings:£ 4,100
Annual maintenance savings:£ 3,200
Ten year savings:£ 70,000
Payback period:3 years
Annual CO2 savings:32 tonnes

Completion Date:

April, 2012

The Brief:

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre is part of Sports Englands National Centres and provides prestigious facilities for over 20 different sports teams and organisations including England football and rugby associations, England hockey, tennis academy and English institute of sport. They are large consumers of energy due to long hours of operation and an extensive building portfolio. We were briefed to not only save energy and maintenance costs but improve significantly the lighting levels within the car park, which were poor due to the fitted sodium lighting. This was a showcase project to highlight the possibilities of LED lighting.

The Solution:

There was an emphasis on a quality product that would provide much improvement in quality of lighting. So we opted for a UK manufactured product with a 7 year warranty. Due to the height and construction of the ceiling, we were unable to use a batten type fitting, so we proposed a low bay LED product that was low glare. We replaced 150 Watt low bay sodium lighting for 54 Watt LED. There were a few extra LED fittings added to improve uniformity but this was acceptable when taking into account the energy savings. There were also built-in emergency adaptions to the fittings providing a complete solution. There was an improvement of between 15 – 30% in overall lux and over 60% savings in energy.


The fittings have been installed for over 4 years and we have had 1 failure which was just an LED power supply driver that was replaced under warranty.