Cattleshed Scotland

The Client:

Private Farm, Dumfries, Scotland

LED Product:

HiCloud mini

Product Category:



Completion Date:

November, 2015

The Brief:

A new build open sided Cattle & Calving shed requiring a generally low level of lighting but uniformly distributed across a large area. The fixtures were required to be robust, IP65 rated and low energy

The Solution:

Providing a uniform illumination in a large space requires the correct amount of luminaires in order for light beams to cross over, creating a harmonious and even level of illumination, without dark spots or ‘drop-off’. The HiCloud mini 70W was a perfect solution that provided the right level of light and an economically viable solution. The fixtures incorporated 1-10v dimming capability, so the lighting could be controlled at night allowing enough illumination for staff but a much lower level for cattle housing areas.