Magnet Leisure

The Client:

Magnet Leisure


Maidenhead, Berkshire

Product Category:

Projects and Public Sector - Policing, Education & Local Authorities

Headline Savings:

Annual energy savings:£ 12,000
Annual maintenance savings:£ 3,000 +
Ten year savings:£ 150,000
Payback period:2 years
Annual CO2 savings:55 tonnes

The Brief:

The current metal halide lighting was failing and needed continuing maintenance. They were located at high level and the work needed to be done out of hours to avoid danger to the public and loss of income. This was obviously very costly and the client needed a high quality solution which could operate with no maintenance and that was capable of withstanding this environment. There was also a requirement to maintain the existing emergency lighting system which was built in to the metal halide fixtures

The Solution:

Our Ecoflood 130 with IP66 rating, manufactured to the highest standard in the UK, was the perfect solution. We included a low glare cover to eliminate as best possible, glare to swimmers. Although not an exact match in lumens compared to the existing metal halide, the lux levels were massively improved due to the properties of the LED light. The client being delighted with the results has now ordered same fitting for other pools. Regarding the emergency lighting, the electrical contractor installed a stand alone battery back up system that will illuminate the chosen fittings at full brightness in the the event of a power failure.