Northampton BC

The Client:

Northampton Borough Council


St Michaels Car park, Northampton

Product Category:

Projects and Public Sector - Policing, Education & Local Authorities

Headline Savings:

Annual energy savings:£ 18,000
Annual maintenance savings:£ 3,500
Ten year savings:£ 200,000
Payback period:4 years
Annual CO2 savings:112 tonnes

The Brief:

Our Local Authority were seeking a low energy alternative in a busy parking area. The current lighting was provided by twin fluorescent tubes which were suffering from lamp and ballast failures. The project needed to be carried out while the facility was in operation. We needed to incorporate the existing daylight sensor which controlled the outside rows. Due to financial constraints, it was not feasible to re-wire for a new layout, so the we required a light that could be replaced like for like and incorporating the existing steel conduit, without too much alteration.

The Solution:

We installed an Twin LED tube product with a complete new case. This needed some minor alteration to fit with the existing conduit but without too much problem or added cost. We chose LED tubes without on board drivers as we felt this would compromise the longevity. The driver provided was a separate component fitted to the gear tray. With this system we were able to offer a 5 year warranty. The light output exceeded what was being achieved with the fluorescent fittings, but without the maintenance problems and with over 50% saving on energy. Soon after installation the energy provider contacted the council to warn them of a catastrophic failure as the energy consumption had dropped so considerably. The drop in consumption was actually down the the new LED lights.