The Client:

Quarrendon & Meadowcroft Community Centre


Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Product Category:

Projects and Public Sector - Policing, Education & Local Authorities

Headline Savings:

Annual energy savings:£ 3,000
Annual maintenance savings:£ 800
Ten year savings:£ 25,000
Payback period:2 years
Annual CO2 savings:20 tonnes

Completion Date:

September, 2015

The Brief:

The client was looking to replace the existing mixture of fluorescent and metal halide fittings. It was proving costly to replace existing lamps due to the height and access problems. In addition there needed to be a significant improvement in the light output due to the nature of the sports being played in the facility. There was also a request to make the units dimmable if possible, to cater for alternative events that occasionally took place in the venue.

The Solution:

We installed a 1-10v dimmable highbay product with wall mounted controls. The lux was increased significantly with the 18,000 lumen LED high bay, achieving in excess of 500 lx. Previously we measured between 200 – 300 lx, however this was exasperated by failed fluorescent lamps in difficult to change areas.