The HiRack specifically designed for illumination of racking aisles in warehousing facilities. Variety of beam angles and power outputs available to suit heights and aisle widths.

Spec Sheet Download (PDF)

Spec Sheet Download (PDF)


The HiRack LED warehouse aisle luminaire is designed to replace traditional HID or fluorescent lights in a variety of applications, especially for warehouses, packing facilities, and cold storage plants with high rack layouts. The lighting pattern is rectangular, which is compatible with the shape of aisles to reduce wasted light output on the top and upper portions of the racks. It is realistic to expect 50-100% improvement in lux at floor level while reducing your energy by 70%, compared to traditional metal halide high bay lighting.

  • Nichia LED chips
  • 30W – 180W depending on application
  • 5000K or 4000K
  • 3,300 – 19,800 lumen
  • 60,000 hours
  • CRI 80
  • Beam angles 60ºx90° / 30ºx70° / 120°
  • Black finish (other colours as option)
  • IP65
  • Warranty 5 years