interLED Premium Copy

interLED Premium Copy: LED Ceiling Panel

Our premium panel benefits from the latest microprism diffuser technology to achieve UGR19 & a TP(a) rating for fire safety

5 Years Warranty

25 Watts

50000 Lifespan Hours

Dimmable: Yes





The premium panel offers the latest high efficiency Samsung LED chips to achieve 3000 lumen output with colour rendering in excess of 85 RA. The Mitsubishi polycarbonate microprism diffuser is TP(a)rated for fire safety. This means that the material that is used will self extinguish and will not still be flaming or glowing for more than five seconds after the flame has been removed.


The premium panel with TP(a) rated diffuser is manufactured to reduce the spread of flames and delay ignition in the event of a fire. Typically installations are hotels, offices, public buildings, schools, hospitals, cinemas and retail outlets.


A multi-dim driver is available (DALI/DSI/Switch-Dim/1-10v). Emergency option is provided by a remote battery back-up kit complete with a standalone indicator for installing into the adjacent ceiling panel. We also have panels to suit a 1200 x 300 mm ceiling grid.

  • INT/6x6/PREM/40/840

  • INT/6x6/PREM/40/840/DIM

  • INT/6x6/PREM/40/840/EM

  • INT/6x6/PREM/40/840/DIM/EM

  • INT/12x3/PREM/40/840/ Standard / Dim / EM

Technical Specifications

  • Offices, showrooms, reception areas, clerical and medical rooms
  • Mounting height from 2 - 3m
  • 3,000Lm for 6x6 & 12x3
  • 50,000 hour rated life
  • CCT: 4000k standard
  • CRI>85
  • 25W
  • Samsung LED Chips
  • For modular 600x600 or 1200x300 suspended ceiling
  • Length: 595mm x Width 595mm x Height 100mm
  • High Grade 6063 Aluminuim Frame
  • Weight kg : 2.5
  • TP(a)
  • Efficacy 120Lm/W
  • Operating range -20° ~ +50°
  • Power factor > 0.9
  • DALI/1-10v/DSI/Switch-Dim option
  • CE marked
  • Tridonic driver as standard
  • Five year warranty
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